Need More Energy

Need More Energy

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Do you ever find yourself in a place where you’re lethargic and fatigued daily? Do you end up going to bed late, fuelling the fatigue? Are you finding that breaking up the late-to-bed habit is a continuous process?

This was me for quite a long time. I then came to realise there were aspects of my life that were contributing to this low energy. In turn the reduced energy levels affected my confidence.

I started to recognize this as an opportunity for me to create a means of taking myself out of having virtually no energy to feeling motivated to move and do!

The personal development research I’ve completed over the years, and that I continue on a daily basis, is showing that certain aspects need to be set up for my energy levels – and hence my mood and confidence – to increase:

1. A fantastic night’s sleep, or maybe even, having time in the day to rest and catch up on your sleep. Being able to take control and do this when you are able to assist in you keeping control of your mental and physical energy throughout the day


3. Some Type of technique to discharge baggage and help you feel more of a sense of connectedness to yourself, others, the world, the world eg Emotional Freedom (‘Tapping’) Therapy

4. Fuel (good food): so your mind works at the optimal level

5. Water: a fantastic amount during the day to raise the electrical activity in the brain. The ideal is said to be 2-6 litres per day.

6. Clean, arranged, de-cluttered environment, which helps with feeling you’ve got more energy and that you are in control

7. Some sort of prioritized and positive set of goals you know you can achieve from the day, even if it’s in a stretch: eg a to-do list

8. Some sort of positive, achievable and realistic set of timeframes: so that your mind knows there’s an end stage you can actually achieve

9. A healthy balance of sameness (eg regular ) and gap (eg variety, different activities, different ways of doing things). This will help to satisfy (based on personal growth specialist Anthony Robbins), two of our key human needs

10. Some sort of reward system for a job well done, even if it’s just basking for a few minutes, or giving yourself a pat on the back

An important element of this is for you to engage in the above at the level that is right for you on that specific day.

If you’ve had little or no sleep, you might have to do more tapping or more movement to get the identical amount of energy flowing as when you have had more sleep. If you are feeling out of kilter, you might need to watch what you eat that day much more than when you’re feeling somewhat better.

The above list represents a plan I’ve come up with so far, in a rough order of priority, but it is by no means an exhaustive list.

I know how I can feel in the mornings. I know, however, that I have things that will need to be done, so just lounging in bed isn’t an option.

The above is a simple set of tools to get me from zero (energywise) to a level five, a flat eight or perhaps a nine consistently. These tools, though fairly rudimentary, have had a significant effect on my moods and my life. Also try learning How to Make Pot Brownies

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