Always tired

Always tired

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Have you noticed you are tired, but you shouldn’t be? You had a good night’s sleep, but you could take a nap right now. You have Palm Bay FL Animal Removal you’d really like to do but you would rather stay home and just vegetate.

Some people think it’s normal for adults to be drowsy. I don’t agree. Look at a child – he’s never tired. What is the difference between a child and you? A chronic feeling of exhaustion is a definite sign that something is amiss it’s not’just a sign of age’. The fact that you are tired means something. You will need to put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and do some detective work to figure out what’s causing your fatigue.

Does Your Body Run Out Of Gas?

Science informs us that the human body is designed to last 120 years. The headlines recently revealed a French girl dying at 122 years of age. Many of my patients say that they would not prefer to live that long, feeling how they feel right now. They key to the aging process and please accept the fact that you’re going to age is the quality, not the quantity of your life. If you are presently suffering from fatigue, the quality of your life is also suffering.

Interrupted Sleep

There are common causes of short-term tiredness. Maybe your mattress is uncomfortable, or the temperature in your bedroom is too extreme, hot or cold, for you to sleep well. Noise, like from a TV in another room in the house, may be distracting. These problems can easily be remedied. If your neighborhood is noisy during the night, perhaps a cozy set of earplugs would help you get the rest your body needs. If you use caffeine, alcohol, or smoking late in the day, or watch TV into the wee hours, consider changing your habits for a while and see if your sleep improves. You might need to dig around a little bit to spot the cause. However, if after making modifications you suspect that you might have an underlying health condition, a visit to your health care practitioner is the proper course of action.

Physical Illness

Quite often when you are sick your body will feel tired since it is using its energy reserves to help heal itself. This is normal, and getting extra rest so as to recover from any illness is essential. The more serious the illness that the more time you will need to rest and recover.

Overweight or Underweight

The body of an obese person is much more susceptible to tiredness, as it has to work a whole lot harder to accomplish regular, daily activities. The strain on the heart is tremendous, and in the United States, obesity is fast approaching cigarette smoking in its position as the number one preventable cause of death.

Conversely, an underweight person may just not have sufficient muscle strength to carry out everyday tasks without getting tired. In addition, many underweight individuals have a reduced caloric intake, which is another way of saying they aren’t putting enough fuel in their body. They might not be eating enough or not eating good quality food. Consult a chart to discover your ideal weight range for your height and age, and possess that general range as a goal for yourself. Your ideal weight must include your ability to enjoy a full active life. You should have the energy to work and to play daily.

Deficiency of Regular Exercise

In the modern computer/television/electronic world, we tend to do a lot less physical activity. This leads to muscle atrophy, a condition whereby the muscles in the body fall into disuse and become slack and fatty rather than lean and firm, as they should be. The body literally becomes’out of shape’ – with fat deposits bulging out in unwanted places, such as the hips, waist, thighs, and abdomen. Here’s a good example of how we justify the aging procedure. Muscle tone changes as we age, not because we age but because we don’t continue exercising. There’s one of the differences between children and adults. Exercise. Daily, patients come to me asking for the magical pill, the magical diet plan or program so that they can seem like they did years earlier, and feel like they did years ago. I hate to say it because it sounds too easy, but the magic is in practice. Diet or no, the body needs exercise. Exercise is one of those ignored anti-aging practices. You can name your own exercise.

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